Portland Monster Rumpus

Keep Portland Monstery...

A mysterious Krewe of Monsters musters, as cardboard, paper, paint and cloth are reassembled in garages and basements around Portland into wondrous new forms: apparitions richly laden with horns, tentacles, tusks and tails, or starkly skeletal or alien in their glued and taped-together configurations...

Do YOU hear the growls, and roars of the Monster Rumpus? Will you warm up your glue guns and rev your sewing machine motors in preparation to join us??

If yes, then please drop an email to monsters@goblinart.com with a picture and description of your monster, and your availability for any of the events listed below.

Or, if you are available to carry/perform one of our extra creations at an event listed below, please let us know--we love volunteer helper monsters! Some are backpack-mounted puppets, others simple heads on sticks. No puppetry or performance experience needed, just email monsters@goblinart.com for more details.

Upcoming Rumpus Opportunities:

Confirmed Dates:

  • Portland Mardi Gras Parade, 7pm, Tuesday February 13th 2024, N Albina & Mississippi. 0.8 mile nighttime parade on gradually downhill ground with good overhead clearance. Highly-illuminated costumes (i.e. LED lights) strongly recommended for this one. We are a registered Krewe at this event!

Tentative Dates:

  • St Johns Parade, Noon, Saturday May 11, 2024, St Johns neighborhood. 0.7 mile daytime street parade on level ground with good overhead clearance.

  • St Johns Business District Community Trick or Treat, Last Saturday in October, 2024, 1-3pm, St Johns neighborhood. Rumpus in the downtown Plaza on level ground with OK overhead clearance (some trees).

  • Portland Krampus Lauf,
    We are planning to join up with this Krampus-themed night procession in early December. It goes up and down N Hawthorne Ave along the sidewalk, so there is low overhead clearance (awnings) and participants must be able to navigate curbs and busy street crossings.

Monster Rumpus FAQ

Can anyone join in the rumpus?

If you are a friendly and generally well-behaved monster, troll, goblin, sea-serpent, dragon, pooka, alien, multi-species chimerical being or the like, we hope you will join us. Costumes need not be elaborate--just made and worn in the spirit of the Wild Rumpus!

Can you teach me to make a monster?

Yes, we are planning to offer workshops at our secret monster lair in North Portland, starting in summer 2024. Email monsters@goblinart.com (subject:workshops) if you would like to be kept in the loop about that.

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