August 2023

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8/1/23 UPDATE:
After a long break, the Goblin Art studio is finally reopening!

There will be a new emphasis on giant masks and giant puppets (think parades and public spectacle) and on creating tutorials for all you folks who want to make cool stuff. I also hope to offer a limited quantity of wearable art masks for sale in late winter/early spring 2024.

My Wildland Roots website will be retired, with some of the elements there being integrated into this new Goblin Art website. Wildland Roots was a fun and interesting project, but wasn't quite the right fit for the work I'm feeling called to return to. But I do look forward to continuing to use recycled materials whenever possible in my creations, and natural materials whenever it is a good fit for a particular piece.

"Ruru the Owl". A one-of-a-kind wearable mask. Paper mache, acrylic paint. June 2023.

Other things in the works:

•The 3rd Annual Portland All Souls River Procession this November 4th in Portland's Cathedral Park.

PDX Monsters - a monster artist collective, with folks building big wearable creatures then gathering together for public rumpusing purposes during the year.

And of course, continuing to build this new website... Stay tuned for a gallery of past creations, tutorials, and more!

Monica J. R. Sears

Head for giant skull puppet (Work in process). Paper mache, cardboard, newspaper, masking tape. June 2023.

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