Monday, January 11, 2016

The studio sleeps.

The Review, 1998
Portland Tribune, 2002
Portland Tribune, 2003
The Oregonian, 2003
The Oregonian, 2005
The Oregonian, 2015

After 22 years of maskmaking, I have finally stepped away from the studio to pursue other interests and opportunities. I may return to maskmaking at some point in the future, but only on a very occasional basis. Thank you everyone, for all your enthusiasm about my creations over the years!

Mask for Iron Maiden vinyl single, 2003
Masks for Iron Maiden album cover, 2003
Mask for Llewellyn Books, 2004
Masks for Wicker Man remake, 2006
Masks for Cirque du Soleil gift shop,  2007
Mask featured in Faerie Magazine, 2008

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Autumn goblins

Crone goblin
Three fall goblin masks
Goblin mask

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hawk mask & feathered skull

Photo © Fotodoor, Mask design © Goblin Art

I especially like this new photo of my hawk or eagle mask, and the one below of my small feathered skull. They are less like product shots, and more like images from an art book or on a postcard. Since college I've almost always had a collection of arty or black and white photo postcards displayed on a wall somewhere in my rooms, and these two images would fit right in.

Both images are by Rod Black of Portland's FotoDoor.

Photo © Fotodoor, Mask design © Goblin Art

A Masker's dozen for Maskarade

Here are 12 masks I am shipping to the New Orleans mask store today. They will be available starting  Wednesday October 10th, so if you are interested in purchasing one please call Maskarade at (504) 568-1018.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More mask photos by FotoDoor

My favorite of Rod's photos so far, I love itsmysterious shadows and rich Mardi Gras colorsPhotos © Fotodoor, Mask designs © Goblin Art
This photoshoot series features the Black Cat mask, the Hawk mask or Eagle mask, and the Scrap Metal skull mask.

I'm tentatively planning to sell at some 2013 art and craft shows, and look forward to using some of Rod's photos with my vendor applications, and as promotional materials.

In the meantime, most of the masks in these photos are being sent to New Orleans where they will be retailed by the Maskarade Mask Shop in the French Quarter.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Goblin Art masks photographed by FOTODOOR

Photographer Rod Black of Portland's FOTODOOR has been using a few of my masks in his studio:

Photos © Fotodoor, Mask designs © Goblin Art

This photoshoot series features the Swirly Fox mask, the Dark Sun mask and the Bone Skull mask.

It is exciting seeing the  masks come to life with professional art direction and models and lighting. I never have enough time or space in my studio for decent photography, and I'm never going to get great photos using mannequin heads. So thanks Rod, for making my masks look so nice!