Thursday, April 4, 2013

Vacuuform machines

Lion face we vacuuformed for a Mardi Gras costume using
our own 14x14" vacuuform machine
Many of my masks are made from heat-formed ABS plastic. Some years ago my husband Rick built a 14"x14" vacuuform machine. It has a nichrome wire heat source at the top, a sliding frame in the middle that holds a sheet of plastic, and a vacuum box at the bottom. I put a clay or plaster mask form onto the perforated top of the vacuum box, heat the plastic, and then slide the frame down over the mask with the vacuum fans turned on. The vacuum box draws the warm plastic completely over the top of the mask design, then the plastic cools and can be removed. Volia! A strong, durable mask form ready to trim out and decorate. (Of course the painting and decorating is the part that usually takes hours... or days).

Very simply-painted fox and cat masks
also made with our own machine

Anyway, Rick's machine worked so well that another mask maker friend commissioned him to build one for her as well. But time passes, needs change, and she is ready to sell it! It uses 16x16" sheets of plastic with a 14x14" usable surface area, and also works well with styrene and PETG plastics. She is selling it for $1000 OBO.

Alyssa's 14x14" vacuuform machine for sale
Image © Ravenwood Masks

And in addition to this, she has a 2x2' vacuuformer available for $2000 OBO, which would be especially useful for someone who wants to form large things like armor.

Both machines are available for pick-up in the San Francisco Bay area. Please contact her directly for more info: ravenwoodmasks at yahoo dot etc. And click here to see some examples of vacuuformed masks she has made using these machines.


  1. hey, i would like to know on how much are you selling specifically that fox mask and if its possible for it to be shipped to miami?

  2. Hello trimiskel. That fox mask was a custom piece made for a commercial client a few years ago. I am not accepting orders right now, but hope to resume them again this winter. In the meantime, you are welcome to contact me by email so I can send you more information about my different fox mask variations, including pricing and shipping info. Thanks!