Friday, March 4, 2011

Piles of masks

Find all these masks and many more at the Mardi Gras mask market today through Monday March 7th at the French Market in New Orleans: . We are sharing a booth with Dragonmaker masks, who you can visit online here .

Click the "Read more" link below for more photos of my masks. (Sorry about the un-rotated images there, I'll try and fix those later).

A pile of masks
Fox masks, half-masks and rabbit mask

Cat mask and tribal half-mask with skull beads
Two cat masks, sun mask, rabbit and others

Rabbit mask

Mardi Gras fish mask, Curly Masquerade masks and Firebirds.

Mask for a Goblin King's masquerade ball

And this blue bird mask is especially designed to wear over glasses!


  1. Your work is very haunting and elegant. It is very unique and distinctive. Gorgeous and unforgettable works of art.

  2. Thank you very much Shelly! Such lovely complements.

  3. how much do you charge for these masks and can take your email address?


  4. Hi Monica! I've been a fan of your work for years, your masks are so beautiful! Please tell me though, how do you get them so symmetrical? Doesn't matter what I work on, I have to make it deliberately asymmetrical or it looks wrong!

  5. Thanks for your complements Dreamer. I think practice has helped my symmetry, but sometimes it can help to look at a sculpt upside-down or in a mirror to see the things that are off. Or you could print out a flipped photo of the sculpt, and sketch out the adjustments you want to make right on the paper. Good luck!

  6. Hi Anonymous, all the masks I am making right now are consignment pieces being sold by the Maskarade Mask Store in New Orleans. ( ) Full retail price typically ranges from $100 to $300 each. Find my contact info on the sidebar of the website. Thanks!