Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gallery of special orders from 2010

Custom blue filligree mask:
Paper mache, modeling compounds and hammered wire
over thermoformed ABS base
 I only did three special order masks this year, but I am pleased with how all three turned out--despite the fact I had such fragmented time available to complete them! I am very greatful to all three customers for maintaining such amazing patience as the months rolled by.

 I am not accepting any new special orders yet--the masks pictured here were all ordered before my schedule changed. My studio time is still very sparse and I now need every moment I can find to make a booth's worth of masks for the Mardi Gras mask market in New Orleans this coming March.

Custom horned skull mask:
Paper mache over thermoformed ABS base,
with horns cast in semi rigid neoprene from Critical Coatings

Custom horned skull mask with customer sketches

Special order phantom mask:
Cast semi-rigid neoprene from Critical Coatings