Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An adjusted web presence

The old web presence
It's very strange, taking the old Goblin Art website down after eleven years. I'm still quite fond of the site, and hope to bring some version of it back at a future time. But right now, while my business is so scaled-back, it didn't feel right to maintain a full-blown web presence. People who visit a fancy webpage tend to imagine a fancy business behind it. So while I'm no longer running a webstore or taking custom orders, and I'm only in the studio a few hours a week, the web log seems a better fit. It still provides a convenient place for friends, contacts and customers to learn more about my creations, and it is in fact even better suited than the old website was for providing a window into the studio itself--something I intend to take greater advantage of than previously.

Now, I will admit that moving the web log right into the forefront of the Goblin Art domain does make me feel a little self-conscious, for I am not much of an online-lifestyle or social networking type. But a web log can be an extraordinarily creative medium, and it offers such a wonderful opportunity to share all kinds of images, ideas and inspiration from my maskmaking and creative process. Perhaps I will even include some of the projects I have been working on with my son? (He is quite the artist himself, and an excellent collaborator!)

Finally, to the many hundreds of thousands who visited the old site, (possibly more!), thank you for your time and interest. I hope you will also enjoy this new version of Goblin Art on the web.