Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Faerie time - A fair fortnight before us

Only two weeks until we pack masks and miscellany into the van and head south for the Faerieworlds Festival in Eugene, OR!

Photo of our booth at Faerieworlds 2007, by Flickr member HereAtWitsEnd

We'll have a nice big 20' pavilion this time,  (go along the first lane of booths on your right and find us next to Amy Brown Art) and we are very excited to be sharing it with a wonderful couple who make leather masks, Bill and Sam Cass of Nymbol's Secret Garden. Their creations are so fantastic and beautiful! Bill and Sam have such a inspiring story behind their business too--after many hard years of work in the corporate world, they decided to throw it all to the wind and pursue their true artistic vision. They sold their house in Portland, OR, and moved their family to Puget Sound. They now have a enchanting art shop and maskmaking studio in downtown Whidbey, WA where they can see the ocean right through their storefront window. You can see more of their work (and meet their puppet Nymbol) on their weblog and Flickr page.

Bill and Sam and family and friend

Lastly, I have 6 free admission passes for Faerieworlds to give away to readers of this weblog!*** 7/22/10 UPDATE: Offer now ended! ***