Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Schedule update, and getting out of the house

It did seem like I was about to dive back into the studio post-Mardi Gras, but plans and schedules change. This is a good change actually--when considering the current economic landscape, anything resembling a real job or a regular income cannot be allowed to slip away!

From the Goblin Art website:
  • I am not accepting new special orders, wholesale orders or commissions at this time.Over the next few months I will be the primary caregiver for our 2 yr old while my husband is working full-time outside the studio. This will allow me as few as 5 hours per week for maskmaking. So I am not accepting new orders over this time, and I have cut back my 2010 show and event schedule. I will however, be using my limited studio time to prepare for my two remaining Pacific NW events , and I hope to still provide my main two US retailers with a limited number of masks.I do not know how long this schedule will remain in effect, but I thank you for your patience until I am once again able to accept your orders.
 I will have an update here as well as on my orders page at that time. And in the meantime, I'm looking forward to spending lots of time with the Sproggling over the warmer months. There's a vegetable garden to get started, rickshaw-trike rides to go on, parks to picnic in, and lots of friends to spend time with.