Saturday, January 30, 2010

Getting ready for Mardi Gras!

The studio is finally back in full production mode, but only a few short days remain to finish masks for Mardi Gras. Never before have I attempted to get ready for a major show (or any show really) in such a short time!

The new felt masks are a fabulous thing in that I can quickly make so many of them at a time, but it has also proved to be a bit of a crazy thing for me to try and perfect the whole process with so little time to spare!

With each set-back I must remind myself that I have had years to perfect the process for the other masks I make, (neoprene, vacuformed, paper mache), so to design from scratch, and then master a completely new maskmaking technique in a few short months is really quite an exciting accomplishment.

I really think that these new masks will be a big part of Goblin Art's future success. I have not seen anything like them out there--they are light and smooth like paper mache masks, and strong and flexible like leather masks. They can be worn over or under glasses, and are resistant to moisture. I will still continue to make my high-end neoprene and vacuformed pieces of course, but it will be wonderful to have this new type of mask that almost anyone who steps into my booth can afford. And while the style of the felt masks is fairly simple at present, I will soon expand the selection to include masks with much more sculpted forms.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two Labyrinth-inspired masks from the archives

I often wonder what happens to my masks after they are whisked away to their new homes. Mostly they just disappear into the mist, but other times stories or photos flit their way back, of weddings and masqued balls, or of walls groaning under the weight of extensive mask collections.

And then sometimes masks will reappear after their original adventure is completed, offering the chance for another person's masquerade fantasies to come true for an evening!

Here are two such masks, created in 2003 and currently listed for sale by the original buyer on here . If you are a fan of Jim Henson's Labyrinth, this is your chance to own something quite unique-- I don't expect to make these particular masks again as I choose not to make further pieces based so closely on another artist's designs.