Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It looked like Goblin Art was back, but then where did it go?

Canceling a show is a strange and unfamiliar thing. Goblin Art has been selling masks at shows and events for ten years now, and over that decade I have only canceled my booth twice, (first due to car trouble, second due to my foolishly scheduling a show for when I would be 8 months pregnant).

But then this rather disorienting month came along, where I have had to cancel not one, but two events that I had lined up!

I think this is yet another lesson that comes with parenthood. As an adult without a child, I had almost complete control of my schedule. But as part of a dual-parental unit, schedules become fragile balancing acts, where event the best laid and most seemingly important plans can evaporate at a moment's notice. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, it is just a case of finding oneself wandering in a shifting landscape where the ideas of what is important keep redefining themselves. Unfortunately however, that does make running a business a lot more complicated.