Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Faerie Magazine out on January 30

Images copyright Faerie Magazine

The new sale date for the Winter issue of Faerie Magazine is January 30th. Their photo of the Dark Copper Fae mask is fantastic!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mardi Gras Season begins!

Goblin Art masks photographed Fat Tuesday 2007 by etsy seller Cory Lowry.

Twelfth-Night is here, and it is the beginning of Carnivale! In our house, that means finally taking down the Christmas decor and putting the purple, green and gold trappings of Mardi Gras up in its place.

Fat Tuesday falls on February 24th this year, which gives us seven whole weeks of merry-making! In New Orleans, the first costume balls of the season will occur tonight. I dream of a year when we can spend the entirety of the time between Twelfth-Night and Fat Tuesday enjoying the masquerades and festivities of New Orleans! But alas, this year will instead mark our second New Orleans Mardi Gras missed since 2002. (Oh, how that aches!) We do not intend to make a habit of staying away though, and look forward to returning to the French Quarter's Mask Market and the St Ann's Parade in 2010 when the sproggling is a little older, (and the economy is--fingers crossed--a little stronger).

But to kick off Carnival time, I though I would treat y'all to a few glimpses of the inside of the Goblin Art studio as I busily prepare masks and horns for the season.

The most recently finished masks.

Wearable horns awaiting painting, triming or threading.

Studio shelves with materials
Shelves of maskmaking materials.

More shelves around the studio, containing some of the denizens that watch me work:

Studio shelf

Studio shelf

Monday, January 5, 2009

Dark Copper Fae mask + Faerieworlds news

Dark Copper Fae mask

The Faerie Magazine mask "Dark Copper Fae" is now for sale on Etsy! The official sale date of the Winter issue is January 15th, but subscribers should see the magazine in their mailboxes about a week earlier.

Also, I have good news for mask and fairy fans in the Pacific NW!

Firstly, if you plan to attend the Good Faeries / Bad Faeries Masquerade Balls in Eugene, OR on January 30th and 31st, Goblin Art's wearable horns will be available at the booth of our good friend Dragonmaker. The balls are being organized by the good folks of Faerieworlds, so should be wonderful. If you are interested in procuring a Goblin Art mask for the balls however, you can either order one from my etsy shop, or you may contact me to arrange for a mask viewing at the Goblin Art studio.

Secondly, I am very happy to announce that Goblin Art will be returning to the Faerieworlds Festival in Veneta, OR this Summer, July 31-August 2nd! It will certainly be quite an adventure vending a three day event with a toddler, but I can hardly imagine a more creative and magical place for him to visit.

In the booth at Faerieworlds
In the booth at Faerieworlds 2007, photo by Flickr user

Here's hoping everyone is having a wonderful start to 2009. Happy New Year to you all!